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How to choose a wet towel to be healthier

2017/6/30      view:

One, pay attention to the outer packing should be above producer name and address, telephone, shelf life, active ingredients, batch number, production date, hygiene license, the implementation of the health standards, instructions and matters needing attention, etc.

Pay attention to the different usage of wipes have their own shelf life.

The "ordinary wet towel" is used mainly to clean the skin, which is usually 6 months to 3 years.

The "antiseptic wipes" are divided into two types, one for the clean and disinfection of the small wound and surrounding skin. Another kind of broad-spectrum bactericidal action is used for cleaning, slippage, disinfection, sterilization and daily necessities, sanitary cleaning and sterilization. The shelf life of these two antiseptic wipes is 2 years.

3. "baby special care wipes" is specially used for cleaning and nursing infants' faces or buttocks. The shelf life is usually 1.5 ~ 3 years.

4. "ladies discharge makeup special wet towel" shelf life is usually 3 years; "Ladies nursing special wet towel" shelf life is usually 1 year.

3. Pay attention to the sensuality: the qualified wet towel has a soft, elegant taste, the texture is white, and it will not be hairy after use.

4. Attention sealing: the packing of the wet towel should be sealed and not damaged; Packing and canned wipes should be complete and not damaged. The packaging is well sealed to maintain the effectiveness of the sterilization of the wipes. After taking the wet towel, the sealing strip should be put on it to avoid high temperature or direct sunlight, which will cause the wet towel to dry and affect the effect of use.