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How to discern the advantages of wet towel

2017/6/30      view:

How should the consumer be in choose and choose how to differentiate a good or bad wet towel? Yantai city health supervision staff to remind, soft wipes with health, high quality, good water retention characteristics, at the edge of the nose smell the gently, can smell a kind of downy light, no stimulation, while inferior wipes has obvious excitant odour; Generally speaking, high quality wet wipes are made of non-woven fabric with pure white and no impurities, while inferior wipes can have obvious impurities. In use, high quality wet towel does not have hair, also have no side effect, and inferior wet towel has obvious hair, have stimulative effect to the skin, easy to produce SAO itchy feeling. The raw material of high quality wipes is pure and white, without any impurities, and the quality wipes will not have obvious fluff during use. In particular, if consumers feel that the skin has a stimulating effect on the use of a wet towel, they should stop using it immediately, so as not to cause greater harm.

Choose according to the wet towel classification. Wet towel is divided into two kinds: one kind is oneself be disinfected, but can not disinfect other goods, inside contain the composition of skin care, can do skin to moisturize the skin to maintain. Be disinfection, another kind is not only itself but also for other items can also be used with the function of disinfection disinfection wet wipes, can be used to make skin abrasions, scratches and other disinfection or sterilization, general will indicate the disinfection or sterilization in packaging components. When going out, can choose to have the disinfect wet towel with bactericidal function.

High quality wipes are high quality raw materials, non-woven white, no impurities, no obvious fluff phenomenon. The inferior wet towel has obvious impurity, and there are obvious hair and hair in the process. 4. Pay attention to the shelf life of the wet towel when buying. The disinfectant wet towel has a certain shelf life, after the shelf life, the composition of sterilization and disinfection will be reduced.

The solution of baby wipes is not complicated. It is mainly treated with pure water, and some nutrients, skin care and moisturizing ingredients are added, such as common aloe, chamomile, VE, green tea, etc. Actually these things are mostly business concept, just make you feel more comfortable, if not is usually not a problem, didn't know what the baby's PP smooth water tender because commonly used wipes with aloe vera.

2. The baby wipes should not contain alcohol, essence and other ingredients, and stimulate the baby's skin.

3. The relatively important part of the distribution composition is antimicrobial. First, when cleaning the baby's excrement, the antibacterial wipes can reduce the damage to the baby and help prevent the red PP. (the causes of red PP are multifaceted, and not an antibacterial wipes can be prevented, but there are some ancillary effects). The second is to take the baby in the outdoor play, with the wipes with antibacterial, can improve the safety, is helpful for the baby's health.

4. Some of the wipes contain chamomile, a plant native to England. It should be noted that the main function of chamomile is to resist allergy, not to fight against bacteria.

The quality of the non-woven fabric directly affects the performance of the wet towel.

1. The raw material of baby wipes should be non-woven water spines, which is a kind of non-woven fabric forming process.

2, used in baby wipes spunlace nonwoven, main component is glue (mainly cotton natural fiber) and polyester (chemical fiber), usually have 3:7 ratio, 5:5 ratio, and than, refers to the glue and the content of polyester, 3:7 ratio is refers to glue 30% polyester 70%. The ratio means that the glue is 70% and the polyester is 30%, the higher the viscosity, the better the quality, the higher the cost and the higher the price. In addition, the higher the glue content, the softer the towel body, the better the water absorption and water retention, and the baby wet towel 5:5 is basically good, the feeling and the water absorption rate can also be.

3. Thickness: the thickness of non-woven fabric is indicated by gm2, which means the weight per square meter. A 50g non-woven fabric is usually said to be 50g per square metre. The wipes are of course thicker, but the non-woven fabric of baby wipes is mostly between 40g and 60g. Baby wipes using 40g or less are not recommended for use by mothers, most of them are small factories, the overall quality is not flattering, and hygiene is also a concern. The 50g non-woven fabric is the choice of most moms, not high-end, but it's usually pretty good.

4. Pattern: most wipes are plain, and some brands use non-woven fabrics with special patterns. The wet towel with decorative pattern is good with the feeling of the hand, but the judgement of integral quality also should judge according to some element of the above, not the product that has pattern is certain quality is good.