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Wet towel products different performance

2017/6/30      view:
According to the different properties and USES of the wet towel products, it can be divided into daily type, nursing type, baby type, etc., to meet consumers' daily and different cleaning and nursing needs. Daily use for facial, hand, skin daily cleaning and disinfection; Clean and disinfect the skin before and after the public place, before and after the communication; In and out of public places contact with the handle, the clean sterilization after the keypad, office supplies, the cleaning and sterilization of the equipment, prevent the disease transmission. The linan biological wipes can be used to wipe the hands and wipe the public seat, door handle, desktop, computer, telephone, and to sterilize and prevent them. Easily, let you can prepare for sterilization, anytime and anywhere to prevent the disease from the "hand", is the patron saint of prevention of disease, social, business, tourism, the necessities of daily work and life. These wipes are relatively cheap, averaging two to five hairs. Nursing type According to the division function parts, used for face, hands, feet, armpits, clean the skin, the genitals, sterilization, detoxification, pox-eliminated, embellish skin, dredge pores, remove peculiar smell, nursing balance, etc.; Such as stop sweat towels, feet sweat towels, bedsore wet towel wipes, hemorrhoids, clean nose wipes, in addition, and remove pregnant grain wet wipes, wet wipes, against chapping flu hands clean wet towel, children drive midge drive midge wet wipes, wet wipes, adult women privates nursing male damp wet wipes, wet wipes, male genitals care wipes and so on. Linan biological wipes are widely used in home care and medical institutions to protect rational wipes at a relatively high price, with an average price of 6 to 15 yuan. Baby type adopt a soft cotton towel, gentle formula, care for baby delicate skin. Smooth skin pores to ensure normal skin breathing; Improve your skin's immunity, and replenish your skin moisturizers to keep your baby healthy and healthy. Use this product to prevent diaper rash, eczema, mosquito bites, etc.