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Baby wipes are used every day, is it really safe

2017/6/30      view:

The baby wipes are called by the mammies and are called the artifact; Because a wipe, clean and convenient; But what do mothers know about baby wipes?

Have you got seven USES for misconceptions?

Myth 1: big names = security

Stop using the big names to console yourself! No matter if the big name, the key is "no add"! When buying baby wipes, pay attention to the product ingredients on the package, which can't contain alcohol, fluorescent agent, bleaching powder, chemical essence and pigment. In addition, the content of the ingredients list is as simple as possible.

Myth 2: make the material soft

Wet towel feels like soft, but not necessarily all natural material. The wet towel material that is sold on the market is uneven, the most suitable for baby delicate skin is natural cotton non-woven cloth.

Natural cotton non-woven fabric: pure cotton texture, no chemical fiber, no hair, no flocculation, pliable and thick.

The inferior is bamboo fiber nonwoven fabric, although have natural antibacterial effect, but the softness is not good enough.

Finally, the blacklisted is the common polyester non-woven fabric, low cost, may contain chemical fiber, easy to stimulate the skin.

Myth 3 a wet towel is used over and over again

A wet towel to wipe the mouth, can wipe their hands and toys, it sounds "energy conservation and emissions reduction", but the baby likes to eat hand, toys, after repeated use of bacteria can cause the naked eye cannot see cross contamination, babies have loose bowels, significantly increased risk of skin irritation.

Mistake 4 wipe your eyes and ears with a wet towel

The mucous membrane of the eye and ear is more sensitive. If you clean the dirt with a wet wipes, you will not only be able to clean it, but it will increase your bacterial infection. So mommy, use a tampon (note that it's not a makeup cotton swab, different levels of disinfection).

Myth 5 faint fragrance, good smell

Any scented baby wipes will have a different amount of chemical essence, which will directly stimulate baby's skin. It is recommended that the mothers choose a non-scented wipes, preferably with a medical grade EDI pure water composition, pure and odorless, safe and gentle, to create a protective barrier for the baby.

Myth 6 wipe the towel, don't wash your hands

The baby's tiny hands love to shake around and get exposed to germs. Wipes and hand washing are two different degrees of cleanliness. When you're outdoors, wet wipes can be a little slow, but don't be lazy in places where you can wash your hands.

Myth 7 does not stick to the back seal

If the wet towel bag is not sealed, it can't have the effect of bacteriostasis. Don't be careless. You should buy products that are tightly sealed and stick to your mouth in time to avoid unwanted bacterial infections.

How to buy baby wipes?

1. The product ingredient list, the simpler the better.

2. Choose a non-scented wipes, preferably with a medical grade EDI pure water composition.

3. The wet towel of good material feels soft and full, it will not pick up the flocculation.